Sunday, December 21, 2014

Art 13, 3D Concepts

 3D Concepts 

"What the Twister Did." Fall, 2014.

This assignment was the invention of my friend and former professor, Elizabeth King, who assigned it many years ago, after reading a story of the same name in a 1984 issue of The New Yorker.

I tried out the assignment in my 3D Concepts class this semester.
Photos by Marissa McPeak and Shannon Wright.

Barry Ford

Benajean Palomo
Benajean Palomo
Carroll Nguyen

Andrew Ibarra
Marissa McPeak

Raquel Tripp 
Devon Powers

Raquel Paz

Kaitlyn Spong

Kaitlyn Spong

Felicia Vargas-Mendoza

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M.O. Null/ Michael Oliver Null said...

Nice assignment. I especially like the game controller. What did you show the students for ideas?