Saturday, May 19, 2018

Art 13, 3D Font Project

Art 13, 3D Concepts



Ariana Montoya, "Happy." Handmade knives (aluminum and hardwoods.)

Ariana Montoya, "Happy."

Ben Alexander, "Clank."Aluminum, styrofoam, stucco, PVC pipe, paint.

Catelyn Manansala, "Grow" Branches, epoxy clay, paint.

Chi Yeu, "Homeless."Carved basswood, birch dowels, welding rod.

Andy Wu, "Dig It." Fabric, pillow stuffing, action figures.

Erin Cooney, "Pop". Balloons, pantyhose, Marine epoxy, paint, basswood, wire.

Ranz Ocampo, "Stress". Styrofoam, toilet paper, Elmer's glue, paint, goo.

Minh Dao, "Multitask". Aluminum foil, plaster gauze, styrofoam, paint.

Monica Flores-Alviar, "Dream." Crayons, hot glue, styrofoam, cotton balls.

Samantha Nguyen, "Luck." Poplar, nails, broken mirror, epoxy putty, paint.

Junhan Wang, "Salvation?"  Plaster, paper.

Alicia Breinke, "Ruin."  Styrofoam, plaster gauze, paint.

3D Font Project, 2014

I came up with this project last semester and assigned it for the first time this Fall in my 3D Design Concepts class. I was excited enough about it that I booked a gallery for mid-November and crossed my fingers. The projects turned out great! Here are some of them. Immense thanks to my two TAs in this class, Lynn Dau and Michal Niv.  And thanks to Marissa McPeak for taking these amazing photos of the show and sharing them with me and the class!

Exhibition view. Photo McPeak

"Yuck," Devon Powers.  Photo McPeak.

"Sharp," Neda Agah.  Photo McPeak.

"Sharp," Neda Agah.  Photo McPeak.

"Data," Nick Navarrete.  Photo McPeak.

"Data," Nick Navarrete.  Photo McPeak.

"Daydream," Raquel Paz.  Photo McPeak.

"Daydream," Raquel Paz.  Photo McPeak.

"Puzzled," Alexandra Spiliotis.  Photo McPeak.

"Puzzled," Alexandra Spiliotis.  Photo Wright.
"Perspective," Marissa McPeak.  Photo Wright.

"Screwed," Barry Ford.  Photo McPeak.

"Screwed," Barry Ford.  Photo Wright.
"Game Over," Isabel Herrera.  Photo McPeak.

"Game Over," Isabel Herrera.  Photo McPeak.
SJSU Art 13, Section 3, 2014.  Photo Wright.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Art 173, Installation Art

Spring, 2017,

Christina Bakker
"Monument of Our Times"

Kevin Templeton
"Redwood Spider"

Kelly Beach

Serafin Pinedo, Gregory Bush, Adrian Concepcion
Rock, Paper, Scissors (body extension project.)

Spring, 2016

Lisa Jane Hurd (suspension project in shipping container)

Lisa Jane Hurd's BFA show the following semester:

Ryan Allen, Lisa Jane Hurd, Julia Velasquez, Michael Morgan

Spring, 2015

In Spring of 2015, Yoshinori Asai made a 26 foot whale, for a performance called The Whale Man. Yoshi's project was his response to an assignment calling on students to occupy a shipping container for a week. Yoshi originally hoped to hang his whale between two shipping containers. But then the piece grew even bigger...

Yoshinori Asai, Ghost Light, Spring, 2016.
The assignment was to make a contemporary Gargoyle and install it, however briefly, on a building. Yoshi's "gargoyle" was a ghost, inspired by internally-lit lantern-floats in Japan. His performance with this piece took place at the SJSU Theatre department scene-shop.

Enki Tovuuch and Jarry Truong
Video of class exhibition opening:

Breanne Hunt

Emily Bright

Spring, 2014

"Life-sized Foosball Game" made in Shape of Space class for the Bay Area Maker Faire, 2014. This team's project took a "best in class" ribbon for interactivity at Maker Faire.

Tomoko Shiino, Michelle Frey, Richard Mendez, Camille Campos-Shanahan

The team won a Best in Class (Interactivity) ribbon!

"Freight and Cargo" Shipping Container Galleries

Renée Wall
Renée Wall

Roger Ourthiague
Fall, 2012

Inaugural reception for the Freight and Cargo Galleries, Fall 2012.
Artwork installed in one of the shipping container galleries
Installation by Alyssa Eustaquio in the Freight and Cargo Galleries.

Teresa Hanson
"Ubiquitous," 2008
Teresa Hanson
"Ubiquitous," detail, 2008

Teresa Hanson
"Ubiquitous," detail, 2008
Phillip Quiros
"Ghost Chair," 2007
Custom-upholstered chair with vacuformed impression of a person

Burke Shartsis
Title unknown

Shaun Griffiths
Title Unknown
Shaun Griffiths
Title Unknown
Phillip Quiros and Genevieve Duffy
Custom-built interactive room. Constructed the semester after the Shape of Space class.

Phillip Quiros and Genevieve Duffy
Custom-built interactive room (detail)

Phillip Quiros and Genevieve Duffy
Custom-built interactive room (detail)