Friday, December 18, 2015

Art 168, Woodworking

Benches and Bookcases, Fall, 2017

Natalie Piazza

Sara Elgohary

Kevin Liu
Sarah Gendler

Sarah Gendler

Lorenzo Flores

Lorenzo Flores

Eric Vasquez

Lei Wang

Lei Wang

John Strube

John Strube

Paul Dickinson Goodman
Paul Dickinson Goodman

Alberto Gonzalez

Amy Benjamin

Marcia Boyajian

Christianna Gatherer

Kat Lucas

Thomas Love

Tables Fall 2015

7.15 AM, final exam day photo shoot. We still need a stronger light kit!

Doris Thompson

Fariba Rahimian Marnani

Francis Gayo

Garrett Beleu

Jason Hanna

Joey Agcopra

Karl Wilson

Kedrick McKenzie

Laurin Chichkanoff

Mairead Roberts

Rachel Ashman

Raquel Paz

Becca Dixon

Robert Oliver 

Rocio Mora

Roger Ourthiague

Rosa Harrison

Umar Hay

Won Ly

Won Ly

Tables Fall 2014!

We need a second light kit desperately! Every year these pictures are so dimly lit! Half the students had more exams right after ours and couldn't stay for the photo shoot.

Christine Huffman

Jose Castro

Elina Peduzzi

Hylton Mayne
Tracey Torres
Kevin Templeton

Lynn Dau
Tahereh Behtaji

Sarah Wright

Keith Daly

Emily Bright
Matthew Rodriguez

First project, Sapele frame with splined mitres, critique Oct 2014.

Final Critique, December 2012!

Final Critique, December 2012!

Stacey Laskin
Beetlejuice table (walnut and ebonized walnut) 

Valerie Sagun
White Oak table with drawer

Yumika Tanaka
Cherry table

Marianne Lettieri
Mahogany table with antique wheels

Anna Wong
Cherry table

Presley Martin
Cherry coffee table

Jahnavi Anderson
Cherry table with wood-burning

Jahnavi Anderson
Detail view of pyrography.

Brian Heinzmann
Walnut table with Watco Danish oil finish

Kat MacKinnonAlder "telephone stand" with stool, inspired by a Mission design.

Timo McIntosh
Cherry table with sapwood flame pattern

Anne Taylor
Quarter-sawn white oak table

Nick Gust
Walnut table

Chris Gruenholz
Honduran mahogany table

Chris Gruenholz
Honduran mahogany table

Sara Beckton
Walnut table

Sara Beckton
Walnut table (detail)

Virginia Uhl
Walnut table


Ginney said...

Shannon, my little walnut table has come to Barcelona to live with us. Jim is using it as a night stand.
(We left Istanbul for Barcelona and shipped some of our California furniture.)

I love adding the people to the shots, and I love the students that draw outside the lines.

Happy Holidays

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